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Seulipur Udayan Club

The organization as established on 1st January 1958 as a village club and later in 1974 it was registered under West Bengal ACT as Seulipur Udayan Club with the initiative of some local youth and energetic elderly people of like minded of the area with the objectives to promote,organize and render social welfare and Rural Development Activites for the betterment of the needy women children and the public in general of the area in organized manner with the help of public in general donations as well as government Grant-in-aids.Subsequently in 1985 it was registered under FCfor Grant-in-aid from international Funding Agencies.

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Mr. Bishnupada Guchait


we have

62+ Years

of experience

The sapling which was planted more than two decades back than now grown in to a beneyan tre. Seulipur Udayan Club, the ural development organization.Which is commited to help he poor rest of the poor,is now housed in a 2 stored pucca building in the campus of 24 decimals land of its own and a branch office at Totanala was established with pucca building near road side.

Nestled in the heart of the seulipur villages the organization has now turned into a centre of humanitation actives,governed by a Managing Committee consisting of the experienced and eminent villagers, the day activities are being managed by hand of devoted youth workers.

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